Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Vita Nova Films will be at Cannes talking to potential financiers and co-producers about my feature screenplay The Airman. Initial meetings in Berlin were very positive.

The Airman

Finland 1944. The Russian Soviet army has taken over south east Finland after bitter fighting.

10 year old Jan and his family head out of their war ravaged town to stay with his grandfather at a summer house. One night a Soviet bomber crashes in a nearby field. All crew members are believed to be dead, but Jan finds the pilot alive, caught by his parachute in the forest trees. The villagers refuse to help the Russian and leave him to die overnight. When this fails they decide to shoot him and bury his body in the forest soil. The next day, Jan finds the Russian wandering across a field. The boy is faced with a dilemma; to tell the villagers that the pilot is alive or hide him.

The Airman is a universal story concerning trust, prejudice and a simple act of humanity.

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