Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A summer's influence

I've spent the good part of the summer working on feature length scripts and outlines. These include The Airman,  The Ghost Song and The Summer House. During this time I watched a number of films as a way of learning about genre or ways in which films handle specific moments within a story.

The Ghost Song and The Summer House (both ghost stories):

Let the Right One In
The Innocents
BBC Ghost Stories at Christmas: A Warning to the Curious, A View From A Hill, The Signalman, Number 13
Dark Water
La Boucher

The Airman (a rites of passage film set in Soviet occupied Estonia):

My Way Home 
Muukalainen (The Visitor) 
The Go-Between

Books read during this period which helped in my research of my scripts include:

M.R James stories
Memories Denied by Imbi Paju 
Thursbitch by Alan Garner

Music influence:

Fever Ray

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